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Why do we like so much ?

Whoever has never heard of certainly lives on another planet. In just a few years, and thanks to its marketing approach, has established itself on the scene of the hotel industry and tourism. In just a few clicks, it is now possible to have access to an exhaustive list of properties of all kinds (hotels, apart-hotels, Bed & Breakfasts) all around the world.

  1. Easy as pie

    What appeals us to is its simplicity of use. In just a few clicks, we can see thousands of properties appear before our eyes. Of course, it gives us the possibility of refining our selection according to our research criteria. Do we have a maximum budget not to exceed? A favorite district where we would prefer to stay instead of another? All these small details can be taken into account. No more lost hours to peel all the names and sites of hotels one by one. 

    And then, let’s not lie: the strength of is also the space they give to their users. The first thing to do before booking your hotel, is of course to read carefully the recent reviews left by other guests who stayed in the property. In contrast to other competitor sites like TripAdvisor, can be proud of having a system of “closed” reviews. It means that only those who booked their stay in the property can leave their review. This significantly reduces the “false testimony”, unlike other websites where every person (even hotels owners) can write a review although there is no proof they ever stayed in the property.

    Easy Booking
  2. We are sure to get the best deal ever

    Another great advantage of is to offer unbeatable prices. Many promotions are obvious when browsing on their website. For example, it is custom to see a -20% off on this establishment;or special discounts if you are a regular customer of Booking. Indeed, you get entitled to the Travel Genius status giving lots of discounts if you already made previous bookings. More than that, the website has implemented a policy to refund the price difference if you find a lower price elsewhere for the same deal. It doesn’t matter if it is on the website of the hotel or in a competitive hotels website like You just send an email to Booking with the link where you found the cheapest deal and they refund you the difference. Also, Booking’s policy is very strict when it comes to charging. You don’t get charged before your stay.

    Best Deal
    Best Deal can be proud of being a pioneer in terms of simplified hotel-traveler relations. Once the reservation is made, it is possible in one click to communicate with the chosen hotel. Do you have a special request upon your arrival ? Write it down instead of picking up your phone and calling properties abroad.  Also, right after the reservation is made, Booking sends you a very complete tourist guide of the best attractions and places to visit near your hotel.

Whenever I need to book an hotel, I personally ALWAYS book through The most important criteria for me is the grade of the hotel. Therefore, I spend much time on the guests’ reviews to make sure I will book the best property that will, of course, fit my budget.

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