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#IRELAND – Visit the Guinness Factory in Dublin

Well, well. On my last trip to Dublin, I decided to visit the famous Guinness Factory. Even though I’m not a huge fan of beer (to say the least!), I have to say that the place is amazing and definitely worth a visit. Not only will you learn all kind of interesting things behind the Guinness brand and the beer production, but you will also be able to get access the top floor with an incredible view on all Dublin. And I must say that this visit was one of the highlights of my trip.

The Guiness Factory is built up in 6 floors :

  • Ground floor: You’re starting the visit with the Guinness store and discovering the brewing story
  • 1 st floor: Welcome to the Arthur Guinness story, father of the well known brand
  • 2nd floor: That’s the funny part: tasting experience
  • 3rd floor: The advertising and marketing of the brand throughout the years

A Guinness commercial in the 1960s

  • 4th floor: The Guinness Academy with famous celebrities posing
  • 5th floor: Food & Drink service if you need a little break
  • 6th floor: The rooftop bar, the highlight, magical place where you can enjoy a free beer on the rooftop of the building

The factory takes at least 1h30 for a good visit with all the information and entertainment it contains. Bonus is that when you get to the bar on the top floor, you will get offered a free beer!

View from the top

Free beer degustation

After the Guinness Factory you’ll know how:

  • Guinness beer is shipped over 150 countries
  • Beer transport started in 1769
  • How to pour a perfect pint
  • And so much more interesting facts… I warmly recommend you to check it out while staying in Dublin!


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