Tim Raue Restaurant Berlin
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Tim Raue Restaurant in Berlin

Tim Raue Restaurant Berlin

Anyone who is interested in the world of gastronomy has probably heard the name of Tim Raue, the Berlin Michelin starred-chef, also known as one of the best of his generation. The excellent series of “Chef’s Tables” from Netflix has also devoted an episode for him. So it is quite natural that, once we booked our tickets for Berlin, we thought it would be an opportunity to sit at his table.

The Restaurant

The place is located in the tourist center, close to Checkpoint Charlie. The sign proudly shows the title of “The World’s Best 50 Restaurants”. We cannot wait to taste and make our own opinion!

Tim Raue Restaurant entrance

Inside, the decoration is very sober, not ostentatious while we could have expected knowing the temperament of fire of the chef. The Asian touch is given with the chopsticks laid as cutlery.


The Lunch

The lunch menu we took is a 3-course menu giving you choice between four starters, intermediate courses, main courses, and three desserts. It cost us 58 euros, including the 19% tax. It is not so expensive for such a renowned restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. I know though that the restaurant has since then (February 2018) raised the prices…

For starters, I have chosen the “pomelo, coconut & roscoff” while my husband ordered the dim sum “chicken stock, scallop & bamboo mushroom.

Menu Tim Raue Restaurant

We then continued our lunch with the main courses: “wagyu chiu chow chili beef, pumpkin & trevisano” (this dish is charged with supplement as it is not included in the lunch menu) and the “ikarimi salmon, tomato & star anis”. Everything was delicious, especially the salmon although we could really feel in the plate the heat and strong temperament of the chef.

Menu Tim Raue Restaurant

Menu Tim Raue Restaurant

The dessert was the final and exquisite touch of this meal.

Menu Tim Raue Restaurant

Menu Tim Raue Restaurant

As a conclusion of this meal, I would say that not everything was perfect, the amuse-bouche  was high quality but a bit null. The first dish was amazing with bold flavors, the beef was good but missing innovative, and the dessert was very good but a bit too sweet. All dishes were beautiful and looking great. The salmon was amazing and surprising with nice techniques used in it. The whole meal is consistent with the bold and edgy character of the chef that you can feel through the dishes.

Tim Raue Restaurant :
rudi-dutschke-str. 26 Berlin
0049 30 259 379 30 – Booking in advance strongly advised

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