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Throwing back: 2018

2018 was the year of ultimate happiness, discovery and enrichment. It has gone at a blazing speed, like all those moments that we love and are going far too fast. We are already here in 2019, so this is an opportunity to look back on this year.

February 2018 – Berlin/Potsdam


To celebrate our 3 year-anniversary, we decided with my husband to give us a few days of vacation and to leave to discover the German capital. To discover our escapade, it’s here. We enjoyed a lot and we had a lot of fun, but as I  wrote it in other articles, this was not my favorite destination.

March 2018 – Paris

The "I Love You" Wall

 This trip was not planned at all: I had to leave for work (I work as an account manager in the hospitality industry) and I took the opportunity to combine work & pleasure. Although short, this trip was an opportunity for me to discover new corners in Paris and also make a jump to Nice to see my family.

May 2018 – Road trip to Italy

Florence Cathedral

 It was certainly one of the best trips of my life. Firstly because we went with our two families, mine and my husband’s. Secondly, because I am particularly fond of road trips: they allow a considerable liberty, by visiting and stopping wherever you wish without being forced to respect schedules or particular paths (unlike public transportation). And thirdly, because well… Italy, right? I have not yet had the opportunity to write too much about it on the blog, but I will try to fix it soon. So we left from Toulon and discovered Milan, Lake Como, Bologna, Florence, Tuscany, Montecarlo, Pisa and Cinque Terre.

August – Eilat


It’s a bit of a tradition: we go almost every summer to Eilat, a seaside resort in southern Israel. Although it is a 4-hour drive from home, we still love to make this break for a weekend. This year, the trip was a little more complicated since I was 5 months pregnant and tired about this long journey. But we were able to rest in our beautiful hotel and enjoy our holidays.

October – Toulon

 Well, it’s not a discovery trip, but it’s still a trip. Like every year, we try to go back to see my family at least twice a year. So October was the second time and my last trip as being pregnant (almost 7 months!). This time, and unlike all the other times where we’ve been on the move, we did not do anything special. I wasn’t feeling great for travelling or walking. It was therefore restaurants and shopping outings, with a small walk to Sanary, our favorite place!

 As you will have understood, if this year was also wonderful for me, it’s not just about traveling, but it’s also and above all on a personal level. Indeed, I am expecting a baby planned for the end of 2018! So we start 2019 with, certainly fewer trips, but equally rewarding adventures!

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