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Pasta Fresca Restaurant in Prague

There are a few restaurants that will leave you incredible memories. Pasta Fresca in Prague was one of them. We decided to have dinner there after reviewing the best recommendations in the area on TripAdvisor. We got quite lucky when we arrived as the restaurant was full and we didn’t order table; but we arrived on the exact time when a couple left the restaurant and got therefore a free table for us! Many other people however were turned back. So my recommendation to you is that you should definitely book a table!

Pasta Fresco: an Italian atmosphere

The restaurant has a perfect location on the Old Town Prague

Italian food is my favorite one. You can hardly be disappointed by it. I mean there are so many type of tasty food: pasta, gnocchi, pizza, bruschetta… From the moment you step in the Pasta Fresca restaurant, you understand you left Prague for Italy. The decoration is very cozy, the tables are lined up but separated from a few meters from one another.

Pasta Fresco: delicious food

I had some expectations when ordering my food; I know from the first bite if pasta are fresh and handmade or not. Let me tell you that you can expect the best from this place! I ordered a minestrone alla milanese soup as first dish; for main dish I chose some farfalle with salmon, tomatoes and garlic. For desert, my husband and I shared a delicious tiramisu.


The food is really tasty (coming from a girl with italian roots!) and the prices are quite affordable. For my dinner (first dish, main dish and desert), the bill was 520 CZK, which is 20 EUR. If you’re in Prague, don’t hesitate trying out this great place!

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