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Hotel Astoria in Prague

Last week, while I was in Prague, I stayed at the Astoria Hotel. Following some unplanned changes at the end of my stay (I had to extend it for one day and one night), I found myself in the urge to book a hotel for an additional night. I was very sad that I couldn’t extend it at the Astoria as I had the perfect stay there! On my last night, the hotel was fully booked – which is a great sign of success and quality! More than this, I eventually booked my additional night to the Kampa Hotel, and gosh it was so disappointing in every level compared to the wonderful Astoria.

Perfect location

The Astoria Hotel could not have a better location. It is right in the Old Town Prague, and that’s the place to be for every person knowing Prague. It takes only 3 min walk to go to the Astronomical Clock and be right at the center of everything. The place is full of little boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops, ice cream places, massages centers: you just name it. As if it was not enough, on the other side of the hotel, you can find the Palladium Center with hundreds of boutiques! It was literally the dream location. Public transports were also very easy of access as tram, buses and metros ran by the hotel.

Old Town Prague is located just a few blocks away
Palladium Center, located just behind the Astoria hotel

Amazing staff

When you stay at a hotel, you want to feel at home. The Astoria staff is here for that. Before my arrival, the nicest receptionist (Petra) told me they upgraded my rooms. It was nice surprise and a kind gesture – I also loved the little almond chocolates and the bottle of water offered in our room. For personal reasons, I should have arrived there with another couple, but they had to cancel last minute – the staff was so nice and understanding that they did not even charge them for that. I have stayed to incredible hotels but the Astoria really stepped up in terms of quality, availability and kindness. They, and especially Petra, were very informative and knowledgeable in terms of advice for the best visit of Prague.

Our king-size bed
Beautiful bathroom

Wonderful breakfast

Breakfast in hotels is a really important factor to me when it comes to choosing hotels. I feel like I can say if a hotel is of quality or not just by tasting their breakfast. Is there choice ? Is it tasty ? Well, the Astoria will exceed your expectations. You can ask for hot beverages – I especially loved their hot chocolate served in a big glass and taste their delicious scrambled eggs, cheeses, fruits, potatoes, cereals. They have a real good choice and everything is tasty.

Breakfast room
Wonderful breakfast

I couldn’t recommend you enough the Astoria Hotel; I usually like to change the hotels I’ve stayed at and try new places, but whenever I’ll come back to Prague, I will return with no hesitation to the Astoria . It was perfect from beginning to end. I realized it even more after I had to continue my stay to another place, the Kampa Hotel, which I don’t recommend at all. Astoria on the other side is truly a nice 4* hotel in which you will appreciate every minute of your stay.

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