Disneyland Paris

How to prepare your trip to Disneyland Paris

I am one of these people who think that you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy Disney. I am not counting how many times I have been enchanted by the magic of Disneyland. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite attractions and some tips in case you’ll go there too.

For tourists, Paris is very often associated to Disneyland. Except that Disneyland is not quite in Paris. To access the parks, you’ll have to go to Marne la Vallee.

How to get to Disneyland Paris:

  • From Gare de Lyon: you just need to take the RER A (around 45min) and you’re there!
  • From Gare du Nord: take RER E (20 min) then change for RER A in Val de Fontenay (28 min)
  • From Charles de Gaulle airport: it’s the simplest one! Just take TGV Aeropt-C-de-Gaulle (9 min).
  • From Paris Orly Airport: Take the train OrlyVal in Orly South Airport (7 min) then change in Antony for RER B (5 min) until Massy – Palaiseau, then take TGV Lille Europe (32 min)

Admission fees:

The price tickets will vary according to many things: how many parks you want to visit, the period of the year, how many days, if you buy the tickets online or at the gate, if you intend to sleep in one of the hotels’ parks.

Generally, it is better to buy the tickets online as you will save around 35% from the gate price.
You can see the prices and book your tickets here or here.

The Disneyland Parks: 

The Attractions:

Depending on your age and your tastes (Do you like roller-coasters? Are you coming with kids?…), you will likely have to make a choice in your attractions – especially if you’re short on time and coming for just a day. But some attractions are a must, and here are some of my favorites.

Among my favorite attractions, there is Pinochio and Peter Pan. These are quite “easy” as it is mainly for kids. But it is built nicely, especially the Peter Pan one where you feel like you’re floating in the air and seeing all the characters under you. Another must attraction is without doubt, the “Pirates of the Carribbean”. Enjoy your ride on the boat and don’t be afraid of getting wet! My husband liked a lot the “Toy Story” attraction where you aim at Zorg and Buzz’s enemies.

But the number #1 attraction is and will always stay…

“It’s a small world” !

The Parade: 

One of the most beautiful things in Disneyland Paris is the parade of the characters singing altogether and passing through the main street of the park. It is a very expected moment, both from kids and adults. This is exactly the time where you can contemplate the magic of the place.

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