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How you’ll get enchanted by Cesky Krumlov

How you’ll get enchanted by Cesky Krumlov

After spending 4 days in Prague, it was important for me to get out of the town and explore more of the Czech Republic country that I didn’t know well.

#Review – Hotel Astoria in Prague

#Review – Hotel Astoria in Prague

Last week, while I was in Prague, I stayed at the Astoria Hotel. Following some unplanned changes at the end of my stay (I had to extend it for one day and one night), I found myself in the urge to book a hotel for […]

#IRELAND: A week-end in Dublin

 Voir l’article en francais ? I used to dream of exploring Ireland and its green countryside for a few years already. In October 2016, time finally arrived for the big trip! Arriving to Dublin with my boyfriend, we started to wander into the irish city with […]

#HotelReview – Regina Hotel in Vienna

  Article disponible en francais There are a few hotels that you’re staying at that you won’t be able to forget. Ever. Hotel Regina Vienna is one of them. During our first trip to Vienna in February 2016 and celebrating our one year anniversary, we decided […]

#FRANCE – Visit the breathtaking Villa Rothschild

  Article disponible en francais Can you believe I’m living 2 hours away from this Villa Rothschild wonder and I never visited it ? Well, it took me 24 years before going. Still, how could I miss for so long this beautiful place? I think that […]

Discover the cutest village of Switzerland

  Article disponible en francais On my trip to Switzerland, I discovered the cutest village ever: Gruyeres. As its name shows, this place is famous for cheese making, but not only. It also has a majestic castle, overlooking all the medieval village, and more museums. Located […]

How to order cheap (but secure) flight tickets

  Article disponible en francais We all want to travel the world; take a flight and go on vacation in some paradise beaches, explore big cities and exotic places. It sounds like a dream, isn’t it? But eventually, it all comes to one end: how can […]

#USA – What to see in Monterey, California

  Article disponible en francais Back to our US trip. After a few days discovering San Francisco, it was time for me to pack a few things and leave the city. Our first stop was Monterey, a small coastal city located 2h drive from San Francisco. The city […]

A romantic Week-End in the Galilee region, Israel

As we got some days off for Shavuot holiday here in Israel, we decided to go and have a nice Northern-Israel trip. For those who don’t really know what Shavuot holiday means, here are a few words about it: Shavuot is one of the Shalosh […]

#IRELAND – Visit the Guinness Factory in Dublin

Well, well. On my last trip to Dublin, I decided to visit the famous Guinness Factory. Even though I’m not a huge fan of beer (to say the least!), I have to say that the place is amazing and definitely worth a visit. Not only will […]

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