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How to order cheap (but secure) flight tickets

We all want to travel the world; take a flight and go on vacation in some paradise beaches, explore big cities and exotic places. It sounds like a dream, isn’t it? But eventually, it all comes to one end: how can we manage and afford ourselves to go on vacation when we have a limited budget?

Well of course, any vacation comes at a cost. If you can manage to easily limit your budget when it comes to hotel bookings (opting for a bed & breakfast won’t cost you the same than a 5* hotel), you don’t seem to have the same flexibility when it comes to flight tickets. But you can try to limit this cost, and here’s how.

            Take the season into account

Obviously flying in full-tourism time August won’t cost you the same than when travelling during the rest of the year (holidays excepted). If you can allow you this flexibility, then I would recommend you to book your holidays in every month except July-August. Prices easily go crazy and places are not so nice (because they are too crowded).

            Take advantage of the OTAs

More and more OTAs websites are growing day by day.  But what OTAs mean at all? OTA stands for Online Travel Agencies. Fifteen years ago, you still had to go to a travel agency if you wanted to fly and pay the price they would give you without much options possible. Nowadays, OTAs are the solution when you try to find cheaper flight tickets. My favorite one is Skyscanner. I love this application as it gives you the best prices to everywhere; you don’t have to choose a particular destination and still, you can see all the cheapest options you have. Of course, you have a lot more of options (Expedia, EDreams etc). However, it is important to check new OTAs that you never heard about: don’t hesitate Googling them and see people’s reviews.  A lot of people bought crazy cheap deal from OTAs they never heard about and eventually the flight was cancelled or not registered. So check good what you are about to buy, and like everything else, trust the people that bought it before you. They know better.

            Go for low-cost

New options are opening when it comes to cheap flight tickets. You don’t have to travel to London with British Airways anymore as Ryanair or EasyJet can take you there at a less cost if you don’t mind giving up on the food (although on flight it can be purchased), and limit your luggage weight more than the usual. Furthermore, these low- cost companies are working globally and offering more and more destinations every year. Here is a list of secure low-cost companies.


  • EasyJet: the best one for me; whenever I can, I am always happy to travel with them. I especially love their terminal in London!
  • Ryanair: the direct competitor of Easyjet, based in Dublin with an incredible terminal wing just for it.
  • Southwest Airlines
  • XL Airways
  • Vueling

Currently, big flight companies are opening a sub-branch low-cost. These ones you can trust as their companies are directly operated by steady big branches. This is the case of:

  • Sundor/UP: operated by El Al the biggest airlines in Israel
  • SmartWings: operated by Travel Service the biggest airlines of Czech Republic.
  • Transavia: operated by KLM and AirFrance KLM

Of course, all destinations don’t come at the same cost. If you leave from Paris, a flight ticket won’t cost you the same if you fly to Miami or to Barcelona. However, you don’t have to pay 1000 EUR to Miami – some options are possible starting 300 EUR. For Barcelona, no need to pay up to 150 EUR to fly there – cheap solutions are available for just… 60 EUR!

When comparing the price between a low-cost flight to a regular airline flight, make sure you compare with adding all the must things to the low-cost ticket before purchasing, like luggage and seating place to guarantee you’ll sit together with your traveling partner.

Finding the perfect price is a combination of traveling during the right time period and using the right OTAs to find the cheapest deal possible, operated by trusted companies (both online travel agency and airlines).

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