One-day trip: We’re visiting Potsdam

Potsdam is usually known as the Versailles of Germany. It is due to the fact that Frederick the Great inspired himself from Louis XIV to build his Sanssouci Palace. Only 35km away from Berlin, we jumped on the occasion to make a one day trip and visit this special city.

Sanssouci Palace and its gardens

After taking the train from Berlin on early morning, we arrived to Potsdam a charming quiet city. We then took the bus and walked our way up to the Sanssouci Palace. We purchased our tickets at the entrance and while waiting for our guided tour to start, we explored the gardens. Again, the similarity to Versailles is striking! All the trees and flowers are cut symmetrically to give a render of cleanness and order.

Sanssouci Gardens

Sanssouci Gardens

The visit took almost 2 hours although the palace is quite small. We visited the chambers of the King, the main rooms for welcoming guests all decorated with great taste, showing the King’s power. One mustn’t forget that the Sanssouci Palace was only a secondary residence for the King. Hence the feeling that it might look a bit small and “under” in comparisons of other great monarch’s castles.

Palace Sanssouci rooms

Asian lunch

Once the visit ended, we took the bus and traveled until the city center of Potsdam. It is a really charming place. We had lunch in an Asian restaurant we found very high ranked on TripAdvisor, Herr Dang. The food was very tasty, the place was cozy – only the service was a bit disappointed. But overall, we had a great experience !

Film Museum

Once we filled our stomachs, we were ready to continue our trip. We’ve had heard that Potsdam was also famous for its Film Museum and so, we decided to head there. Besides, it is located right in front of the train station that we needed to catch after to go back to Berlin. After purchasing our tickets, we started our tour inside the museum. It is a very fun and eclectic museum for all movies lovers. You can hear podcasts, interviews of famous directors, look at the costumes and accessories that were used on sets for big movies and even… sit on Quentin Tarantino’s chair !


Overall, Potsdam has been a very good surprise for us. It really gave us the impression of being disconnected from the “non-stop” craziness of Berlin, but one day is well enough for discovering the charms of this little town. If you have enough time while in Berlin, take a day trip to Potsdam for visiting the precious gems.

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