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How you’ll get enchanted by Cesky Krumlov

After spending 4 days in Prague, it was important for me to get out of the town and explore more of the Czech Republic country that I didn’t know well.

After various suggestions from many people, we settled our choice on Cesky Krumlov, a small medieval town located 200km south on the border of Germany and Austria.


We booked a one-day trip from Prague with the Prague Bus Tours company. We met our funny and adorable guide who lived for 40 years in Cesky Krumlov. He told us that every day, he is driving from Cesky Krumlov to Prague (200km!), jumping on the bus to go back to Cesky Krumlov as a tour guide with travelers and returning back on the bus with them all the way to Prague to… take his car and drive back to Cesky Krumlov. Did I forget to mention that he is over 60 years old? He was definitely the highlight of our tour and we were very happy to get to know him.

Medieval city

Back to our trip. Cesky Krumlov is a very small city where you can mainly see everything there is to be seen in just one day. The city center is only pedestrian; 98% of the houses and buildings you will see are actually original buildings that were built since Middle Ages. Although it was a rainy day when we visited it, we couldn’t have been more charmed by the little streets and shops laying in front of us. You know when a place is truly beautiful when you can still admire the beauty of it even when it’s cloudy and rainy. Cesky Krumlov is made into 2 parts: the old one and the new one. We visited the old one, much prettier and wandered by the river, admiring the beautiful landscape and setting.

Cesky Krumlov’s castle

We visited the beautiful castle on the hill part of the city. We couldn’t take pictures inside the castle (forbidden!) so we won’t be able to show you much of the beauty of the interior castle. However, we totally recommend you to visit the castle. The price of the entrance was included in our tickets to Prague Bus Tours that we ordered in the morning, so the nice thing added was that we skipped the queue! The castle is divided inside by several floors; each floor is representing a period and a family owner that used to live there. The rooms are very big, the entrance leads to an enormous chapel. Later on, we can admire all the fancy furniture, paintings and costumes of the ancient castle owners. The outside part of the castle offers a breathtaking view on all Cesky Krumlov.

More things to do in Cesky Krumlov:

  • Take a visit at the little museums in the old city; some of them are free of charge. It is definitely worth visiting as you can find some great items from the Communism period.
  • Have lunch at medieval tavern restaurants and taste the food that used to be made in Medieval Ages (the cook swore to us that he didn’t change one thing in the recipe!). You can feel the taste of very authentic food.
  • Walk up to the pink tower near the Castle and enjoy the view from up there.

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