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#ITALY – I found the best pizza and it’s in…

Genova. Italy. Food. Pizza. Freshness. Delicious smell. We all know that Italy is all about food, freshly made and with incredible taste. Well, I think I have found the best pizza ever. Located in Genova, the restaurant Pizza di Egizio will blow you away.

Why this place ?

We trusted TripAdvisor for our first dinner in Italy. And we couldn’t have been more right. The restaurant is really cozy, the staff is amazingly nice. I have to say that the restaurant manager was very kind, always making time for each person sitting in his restaurant (and it was totally full!), ensuring that we enjoyed the food and place.


We ordered two pizzas: the Mozzarella di Buffalo and the Mushroom pizza. They were both beyond delicious. The dough is thin, hence not crispy and the filling is very fresh, very tasty. The portions are big and generous. Even the prices are very affordable – especially for dinner as it cost us less than 25 EUR (including drinks). We didn’t order desserts although they looked pretty amazing displayed on the counter.

Our amazing dinner

The overall dinner experience has been amazing as we were not so sure on what to expect when entering the place. The last pizza I ate in Italy was in Roma, and it didn’t left much so a good impression. Pizza di Egizio did, hands down!


If you’re around Genova, you should definitely try this place. Although Italy is renowned for its great food and especially for its pizza, you don’t find quality and tasty pizza so easily (especially if you stay around the touristic areas where food can be a bit overpriced and less tasty than authentic places). Pizza di Egizio was open in 1973 and still runs with full speed – now that’s a good sign of success ! And that’s why we 100% recommend you the place.

Location: Via Bolzano, 2, 16166 Genova GE, Italy Website:

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