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Visiting the beautiful San Francisco

For my 18th birthday, I got the gift of a lifetime: the chance to discover for the first time the United States. I traveled with my parents to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Here is a brief recap of this amazing trip. Let’s wrap it into parts with each city I visited.

First one was San Francisco.

Part 1 – Arrival in San Francisco

I wasn’t expecting much about this city, but I have been charmed all the way. The Victorian houses, the famous fog, the incredible bridge: everything I’ve heard was real. I could see it through my own eyes, and it was just incredible. San Francisco was the starting point of this trip as we were welcomed and hosted by family who owns a charming house in the hills of San Francisco.

 Here is the neighborhood I spent my vacation to in San Francisco –
for a moment, I felt like I had been projected into Wisteria Lane, no kidding!

People protesting against the Liberty Tax

We stayed 2 days in San Francisco.

  • Day 1:

The first day, we headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge. I think that while staying in San Francisco, this is the first place that all tourists rush to. It is understandable as, no matter how many times you’ve seen this bridge in movies or pictures, it still looks breathtaking while looking at in real.

We then headed to the Golden Gate Park for a picnic. Very nice place to walk around.

In the rest of the day and evening, we walked around the city center. Below are some pictures of these moments (I particularly loved the city council of San Francisco which is quite a beautiful monument).

Colorful houses somewhere in the city center

The city council

Overview of San Francisco and its buildings

If I need to recommend you the 5 top spots of this city to visit, it would definitely be :

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge: just a wonder

  2. Alcatraz Island: I couldn’t visit the island and I regret it very much – it definitely stays on my bucket list!

  3. Chinatown

  4. The Fisherman’s Wharf: I chose to go to Monterrey instead which is very similar

  5. Take the San Francisco cable car as a way to discover the city!

Next article: Day 2 in Monterey ! 


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