A romantic Week-End in the Galilee region, Israel

As we got some days off for Shavuot holiday here in Israel, we decided to go and have a nice Northern-Israel trip.

For those who don’t really know what Shavuot holiday means, here are a few words about it:

Shavuot is one of the Shalosh Regalim (Three Pilgrimage) which are 3 major events in the Jewish year (the 3 are Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot) as in the ancient times, these 3 holidays were the only times the Jewish people were going to Jerusalem from all over the country to visit the great temple and participate in big festivities and ritual worship. Shavuot is the first harvest time of the year in Israel as well as the celebration of God giving the Torah to the Israeli people.

Back to our story: I have booked us a Zimmer (a room in a hut) in Rosh Pina, at the highest neighborhood in the city with an amazing view to the Galilee Sea and the surroundings.

Our Zimmer in Rosh Pina

We have arrived to a beautiful romantic wooden hut, with a huge Jacuzzi that sits on the window with the same view we have on the porch. It even had a Pool table room right next to it! It was really a wonderful place to spend an incredible week-end.

Our dinner

During the Shavuot holiday, it is common to eat cheese dishes; therefore I booked us a place in a restaurant called “Geneve” in Kiryat Shmona (30 min drive) which sits right on the Snir River.

I chose this restaurant because it seems like it’s the only restaurant in the country that serves a Fondue and my wife, as you know her, is a real French who loves Fondue and who happens to know quite a lot about it.

We arrived and ordered the Cheese Fondue with Mushrooms inside.
The dish arrived, accompanied with some Hard-Crust bread and potatoes to dip in the Fondue.

The fondue was done good, with some great Gruyere cheese and wine inside, and we really loved it. Even though it’s not the best Fondue we ever ate, the strong taste of the Gruyere cheese and the delicate wine touches that accompany it as you eat the Fondue-dipped bread was really good and gave a fair fight to the French Fondue we already know and love.


The second day, we decided to go to the Snir River (Hatzbani is his second name) and meet some family there. But before this, we went to Tzfat to have a nice breakfast with family and friends that were staying there.

After the relaxing, healthy breakfast at the Artists Colony Inn, we decided to head out to see some of Tzfat’s old City.

Honestly, we were a bit disappointed as there wasn’t actually much to do. We did get to admire the architecture and the view. We took some nice pictures:

After finishing in Tzfat, we headed out to the Snir River reserve.

The Snir River (Hatzbani)

We arrived to the Reserve and right as we come in, you can see the river’s small extensions surrounding you everywhere you go, and hear the sound of people having fun as you get closer to the natural pool area.

We decided to continue, and actually walk in the river.
As soon as we set our foot in the river’s water it was quite obvious where the water were coming from. The freezing water, even in such a hot day (30 Degrees), tells you the water are coming straight from the Hermon Mountain’s melted snow. The view and landscapes of the river, trees and bushes are astonishing as you walk through the river. Looking to the Left we could see this amazing waterfall and just had to take some pictures with it:

After finishing the Mediocre Difficulty stroll in the river – we decided we’ll go back to the Natural Pools and have some fun.

In the Natural Pools there was a nice Waterfall with the same freezing water that everyone was just dying to go under and have their whole body get the chilling touch of these fresh water.

After we dried off and finished our fun in the Natural Pool, we were heading home to finish this incredible Shavuot vacation.


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