5 reasons to discover Annecy in France

Annecy is known as being one of the most charming towns in France. Located at the border of Switzerland, it is usually described as the Venice of the Alps, with its beautiful lake. We stopped in there for a day during our family road trip to Switzerland. We all fell in love with this beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and lake. And if you’re still not convinced to visit Annecy, here a few reasons that will likely change your mind.

1.Breathtaking views of the Alps

Annecy offers wonderful sights. I think that during all seasons you can be charmed by its beauty, but of course, it is during winter period that you will see the most wonderful landscapes. Feeling lost between the snowing Alps and the French-Swiss atmosphere will finish to astonish you.

2. Eat fondue and Swiss specialities

Although Annecy is located in France, it is very close to Switzerland. Actually, we stop there before going the next day to Gruyeres, an also unforgettable medieval town. Therefore, it is not hard to find really great swiss food around. Many restaurants will offer fondues, raclette, tartiflette and many other dishes that cheese lovers would die for.

3. Take a cruise on the Annecy lake

Depending on the season you are visiting, I would suggest you to experience a cruise on the magnificent lake. There are some diners-cruise operating throughout the year, but if you are in Annecy during warmer times, you can also rent pedalos and kayaks and enjoy the sights!

4. Annecy’s castle

Because Annecy is not just about food or moutains, it also has a nice castle, transformed now into a museum that you can visit all year round.

5. Palais de l’Isle

One of the most photographed place of Annecy is without doubt the Palais de l’Isle, a picturesque medieval castle/prison now transformed into an art museum.

I wished I had stay a couple of more days to see all there is too see and enjoy the charm of this beautiful city a bit longer. I really want to come back and take the needed time to fully enjoy the atmosphere. But whoever you are and how short your stay may be, there is no doubt that you will be charmed too.

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