2017 Recap: Why This Year Has Been Amazing

A few days before ending 2017, it was time to stop for a second and look back to what this year has brought in terms of travel experiences. It has been a crazy busy year with unexpected journeys and goals achieved.

This year has of course brought many new desires that I hope to achieve in the new year to come. If 2018 brings just as much as 2017 has brought, I would be more than happy.


The first trip of 2017 was to France. It wasn’t supposed to be a long trip (4 days), as I was going there only to celebrate my bestfriend’s wedding in Nice. But because of a ear inflammation, I was forbidden to fly for… almost a month! I used my time therefore to travel around the area and eventually my husband joined me for an unforgettable Provencial vacation. We managed to travel around St Tropez, Arles, Camargue and Avignon.

In May 2017, we went exploring the Northern part of Israel. Our first stop was to Acre, the Middle Age famous Arab city. It has an incredible open marketplace with many good flavors, spices and fresh products. We also discovered there our favorite hummus place! And of course, the harbor is not to be forgotten.

We continued our trip to the northest point of Israel, at the frontier of Lebanon. The place is called Rosh Hanikra and is known for its white cliffs. You are struck by wonder when you enter in these grottoes and visit the place.

On August 2017, we took a late summer trip to Prague with my husband. It was our first time in this country and it has been a wonderful trip. We managed to see a lot of Prague in just 4 days. We fell in love with the food, the atmosphere, the history and the architecture. I will definitely come back!

After Prague, we decided to take a one-day trip to the tiny Cesky Krumlov. It was like a fairytale place and although the rain didn’t stop pouring, we enjoyed every minute of this medieval village. The castle, the little shops, taverns and the whole scenery left us breathtaking.

Yes, again. France. But it’s quite expected when all your family lives there, you have to visit quite a lot. We always use these times though to keep exploring the surroundings. This time, on October 2017, we traveled to Saint Paul de Vence, a famous village located on the hills up Nice.

It’s not our first time in Monaco, and it definitely won’t be our last. We can’t have enough of the beauty of this place. We are usually booking a place and having lunch at one of Robuchon’s Michelin restaurants, before exploring the city (shopping centers, gardens, casinos). But this time, we went to visit the museum of the private collection of SAAS Albert’s ancient cars and we had a fun and incredible time!

Between our French trip, we should have gone on a trip to Mallorca, already booked a few months ago. But, just after registering our suitcases, we heard that the planes were on a national strike and wouldn’t take off the whole day. After a few checking, the airline company said that all the flights in the next coming days were full and that we were going to get reimbursed. Being bummed, we decided not to let this affect the end of our trip and to aim for another unexpected destination: Italy! We drove there from Toulon and approximately 4 hours later, we were in Genova where we spent the night! On our dinner, we even had the best pizza of our life!

We continued our Italian trip to the little villages of the Cinque Terre. We stopped in Manarola, Riomaggiore and Vernazza. They were all splendid, with beautiful vivid colors and smells and we really felt out of time for a moment.

Although I have travelled to London as a business trip (in November 2017), it was still a pleasure to come back to this amazing place. It was all the most pleasant since we already felt the Christmas atmosphere with all the lights and decorations of the streets and the shops. I still managed to take a few hours out of my business schedule to wander around Westminster, the London Eye, Victoria and Oxford Street.

What’s to come for 2018?

Hopefully just as many travels as this year has brought. But also and for the most important part, satisfaction and happiness from all the journeys life is bringing us. As far as now, we have plans to discover Berlin and a familial Northern Italian trip as well for which I am super excited about.



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