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10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Prague

Within just a few years, Prague has become one of the most touristic destinations in the world. It can be explain, first of all by the beauty of the capital but also by its rich architecture and history.

Besides, Prague stays as a very affordable destination. If you’re still hesitating, find below 10 reasons that will convince you that Prague is definitely a must-see.

1. Admire the famous Astronomical Clock

Every hour, you will see a ton of tourists gathering with their cameras and phones in front of this imposing medieval Astronomical Clock waiting for it to come alive. It is one of the oldest clocks in the world as it stands for more than 600 years old and genuinely gives not only the time, but also the month and the astronomical position of the sun and the moon.

2. Walk around the Old Town

It’s probably the cutest place in Prague with all the little colorful shops, restaurants and market stands around. Admire the beautiful architecture, the vivid colors and the lively bubbles all around.

3. Enjoy a beer

Did you know that Czechs are the biggest beer drinkers in the world? In Prague, one of the favorite tourist attractions are the beer spas! If you’re not ready yet to jump into a beer pool, you can at least enjoy one on a nice evening (and for a cheap price too!).

4. Cross Charles’ Bridge

Charles’ Bridge is one of the most walked-on and pictured bridge in the world. Many artists are painting, playing music along the bridge. It’s one of the masterpieces of Prague that you can’t miss.

5. Eat the famous Trdelník

Trdelník is a famous pastry, originally from Transylvania and Slovakia but commonly found today in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Romania). It consists of a rolled yeast dough wrapped around a stick and cooked on an open oven. You can fill it inside with sugar, cinnamon, butter or chocolate. Warmly recommended!

6. Visit Prague’s Castle

People hardly know that it is the largest castle complex in the world. Between, the presidential residence, the chuch and the gardens, you will love every minute of your visit.

7. Jewish Quarter

Prague is also famous for having one of the most ancient and biggest Jewish community. Pay a tribute and commemorate the losses of the WWII by visiting the Jewish cemetery and synagogues.

8. Discover masterpiece architecture

Prague is not just classic and Gothic architectural castles and churches; it gave also place to new original designs that can be admire in all the city. The most famous example is the Dancing House, a building that has no other comparison in the world.

9. Pose next to John Lennon’s Wall

A few meters next to Kampa Park, stands a tribute to John Lennon as he was a pacifist hero for many young Czechs. You can see many graffitis from people around the world and often can hear musicians play Lennon’s music.

10. Take a cruise on the Vltava

From the boat, admire Prague on another side. It will take another dimension and add to the beauty of this capital.


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